pondelok, 21. apríla 2014

Let's fly away

On Good Friday I finally got the opportunity to use my gift card for paragliding I got from my father on Christmas! I coudln't use it back then, because it was cold and the weather was bad (interestingly, everything depends on the weather especially the winds when it comes to this sport). It went down at ski resort in Low Tatras, Slovakia. The weather was beautiful and apparently the winds were amazing, so we could fly for far more than usually. In the video you can see a lot of other people preparing for tandem or paragliding as well.
Follow on for more pictures from my sister and video!

streda, 16. apríla 2014

COFFEEFEST Bratislava 2014

Do you know how hard it is to find a friend to come with me to COFFEEFEST in Slovakia? Suddenly, no one really likes coffee or doesn't have time. I was really excited about this event but almost didn't go, because I coudln't convince anyone to go with me.

Fortunately, Lujza, my fellow traveler (top person I go on trips with after my family) cancelled her plans and said yes! Since, my parent had anniversary party on Sunday, I could go only on one day of this event, yet it was worth it. Follow on for lots of pictures!

pondelok, 14. apríla 2014

Senica in pink

I'm finally free from lectures, seminars and I went straight home to Slovakia at 10th of April. The weather here is rather British (mix of sun and rain), people are definitely Slovak but my motto is to avoid as much bad experiences, as possible (whatever you take from that ;-) ).
Finally, I've got internet connection and can finally update the blog. I have loads of pictures to share with you, but I don't want to overload you, so I'll start chronologically.
Here we go- Friday 11th spent in Senica ('lovely' town I live near, went to high school to and most people I know live there).

sobota, 29. marca 2014

Comme la bouche d'un volcan éteint

In this post I would like to share with you my latest pictures I took today. My Stefani is leaving Aberystwyth and going home to Greece on 1st of April, therefore we decided to do photo-shoot before she does. The title is from one great song-

I will say no more, follow on!

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