streda, 12. augusta 2015

Charmed by Versailles

After a year in the US I just couldn't wait to come back to Europe especially for all the history and monuments we have here. The architecture, the culture, the roads, the streets they breathe the history. Whether it is the one preserved from centuries ago, or (like in many parts of Slovakia) the one from last century's regime. Fortunately there are people who protect the heritage of our ancestors.

utorok, 4. augusta 2015

Bits in pictures #3

Let's say that what just happened (or in fact didn't happen) was a summer break that is now over! Ha! :) See what I did there?
Hello there, if you are still clicking on this new and so much delayed blog. I'm back and with tons of news, stories and photos to show you. The last time we talked, I was in Wales back in June (yes I had to click to actually remember :O )
As you might wonder from the title picture, I did indeed change a country again and SO many things happen. But let's start from the beginning.

štvrtok, 18. júna 2015

Late morning in Cardiff

Slowly raising from the bed. The sheets are still warm, the floor cold but it feels good to step on it. I stretch my arms up high, feeling stiff muscles and manage to yawn at the same time. Once I decide to finally get up, I'm determined to do it. Through the curtains, cheeky sun beams get through casting a dim light in the room. Perhaps it will be sunny today. For a change. Or it's just an empty promise into another cloudy and gloomy day in Cardiff.

piatok, 12. júna 2015

Traveling in England

Second part of my traveling diary in the UK. This time the Southeast England! The more I see the UK the more I fall in love with it. Really! Every part has its magic and even though they are different, they are unified in similar atmosphere of wonder.

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