piatok, 9. januára 2015

Chicago fever

Finally got a time to sit down and went through all the pictures from Chicago. It was the last stop in December before leaving to Slovakia for Christmas. Since my flight left on Sunday and my last exam was on Wednesday I got almost 4 days off to spend in this amazing city.

piatok, 2. januára 2015

The blur of 2014

Happy New Year everyone! I wish it is the best one yet, full of love, family, friends, energy and inspiration. May you all create something amazing, fabulous, helpful or beautiful; whether it is an art, a relationship, or something else.

streda, 26. novembra 2014

You are your own competition (video)

Happy Thanksgiving dear readers! I finally got some time off university, bit more sleep and I even get to travel around Ohio.
Today I would like to share with you a video me and Caroline made with our new film studio.

nedeľa, 9. novembra 2014

Marbella's on the run

"So Marbella upped and left,
a tuba in a treble clef.
Couldn't walk, she wouldn't cry
Dreaming was their only time
Dreams are half asleep"

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