sobota, 19. júla 2014

Video experiment #2

It has been almost a year since I posted new video experiment. But when an inspiration struck I couldn't resist it. And somehow being on summer job in unknown location, long hours, strange people around makes me creating depressing videos. 

utorok, 15. júla 2014

Visit from Slovakia

Three of my most favorite girls in the whole world ♥♥

Hello there!
The days pass, suddenly I have been working in Derbyshire more than 6 weeks now counting last month here. The days and week blend into blunt mass of waking up 7:30, taking naps whenever, seeing the same faces everyday and so on...
I get so used to the routine, everything feels so familiar and then nothing but counting days and hours towards a change (even a little one) is the only option to stay sane. This change was a visit of my mother and sister from Slovakia on 8th until 12th July.

piatok, 4. júla 2014

Day off in Bakewell #2

Call me anti-social or introverted (not that I take it as an insult) , but when I finally got a day off I walked to the nearest town (approximately 5 miles), explored it and came back all alone. And it was truly wonderful. It's not that I don't like people, but exploring and walking around is one of the activities that I enjoy most alone. Others constantly talk, want to go the other direction, or not even walk at all, ask you to take picture of that and that or even better of them and so on. Of course there is very few people's company I don't mind, however nothing beats going alone.

utorok, 1. júla 2014

Flower festival

Living in the Peak district surrounded by the tourist attraction has its own advantages. One is that there is always something going on. Festivals, carnivals, various celebrations and if you don't feel like meeting with bunch of people there are dozens of beautiful walks around the National Park. 
Of course I work most of the week and I don't really have time, money or energy to go around all the time, but sometimes I find all of those three at the same time. And this is one of those times, just in our little village Rowsley -Flower festival.
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