streda, 20. mája 2015

Ohio to Slovakia, p.3 -Los Angeles

Late evening of the 12th I took the bus to LA. Of course I had to be mistaken for Megabus employee by British couple. Driving through Nevada Mountains was an experience itself, such a beautiful view! Getting very excited about the arrival to the city of angels, I had very high expectations…

piatok, 15. mája 2015

Ohio to Slovakia, p. 2 –Las Vegas

Leaving rainy 15 Celsius in Chicago was nice, leaving my boyfriend not so much. Despite the hard goodbye, in the evening of 11th I was on the board of airplane to Las Vegas. Promised WIFI included only TV for free, the rest did cost money. But the beginning was only difficult part about this trip. I’m officially part of those who got charmed by Las Vegas. It was fabulous!

štvrtok, 14. mája 2015

Ohio to Slovakia, p.1 –Chicago

Any reasonable person would think that the way from Ohio to Slovakia is to the East. But in this travel photography diary I will share with you my journey to Slovakia from Ohio, through the West coast of the United States. No, I’m not going through Asia to Europe haha :D although that would be pretty awesome. Let’s save that idea for another day!

utorok, 12. mája 2015

End of an exchange year

Everything comes to an end. Whether we enjoy it or we don’t. Perhaps we want to hold on to some moment or we want to escape them. At the end… it’s the end. This is how I feel about my exchange year…. Confused. It was incredible experience with amazing memories, and some not so much. But it is the end of it and I’m ready for the next adventure. Maybe that’s the answer, learn as much as possible, make good memories and with all that be a better person.

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