piatok, 24. apríla 2015

Spring Break in North Carolina (video)

At the end of the second last week of semester, I find myself in the Student union enjoying bright day and writing this post. In the air I can smell the coffee from Starbucks just below me and the background noise is of students chatting. It is melancholic to think my stay here in BG is almost over. I just got here!
Anyway, here is the promised second part of my spring break, documented with pictures!

nedeľa, 19. apríla 2015

Spring Break in West Virginia

Very late, but at least! Hello there!
My semester in BGSU is coming to end, which means lots of things pilling up on top  of each other and no free time. I have been working on several films, screenplays, projects and other things. I know it has been more than a month since the spring break but finally I got time to sit down (ironically it is because I hurt my back and can't do anything else) and write this blog post.

štvrtok, 12. marca 2015

Road trip to Niagara Falls

Do you know that feeling when you are stuck in one routine in one place for too long? My semester has started in early January and since arriving to Bowling Green back then, I wasn't able to travel anywhere. Despite enjoying so much my classes (yes that's possible when you study what you love!), making movies with Slavic Dream Pictures and spending time with my boyfriend and friends, I needed to get out. So I did. And not just out of the town, but right away out of the country!

pondelok, 9. marca 2015

Silent witness (contest video)

Happy March! Happy Spring Break! Happy life!
Sitting behind a kitchen counter, drinking coffee and smelling the omelette my boyfriend is cooking and will be ready soon. Outside, it's nice 10C and I don't have to do anything today. This is spring break for me. Oh, I forgot to mention I'm in the heart of West Virginia mountains!
This means, I can finally catch up with blog and I will be posting few blogs over this week. First of all, I would like to show you off Slavic Dream Pictures last video.

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