nedeľa, 19. októbra 2014

Dreams becoming true #3

Dear readers, today I would like to share with you another very inspirational story in my category 'Dreams becoming true', which again stars one of my best friends- Lujza. I find this category one of my favorites and I keep coming back to them, because they feature my favorite people in the world and them being happy while persuading their passion.

nedeľa, 21. septembra 2014

The moments when we stop working

I have always struggled the balance in life between committing myself to 100% to work or enjoying and having fun. Most of the time I have inclined towards the work part, labeling the former as being lazy and useless. Furthermore I told myself the type of work I do, is what I love doing.

It took me one book, few people and I'm changing my mind.

nedeľa, 31. augusta 2014

BGSU Campus life #1

I don't want to repeat myself, so please be aware of my posts on Aberystwyth Insider's blog right HERE. Many people read both blogs, so I will be posting different posts on each with different pictures.

Days are shorter in America. Or is it just the time flying? I've met hundreds of people, different age, race, nationality, ethnicity, gender, weight, height etc... This is truly multicultural campus and it feels like a mini-world itself.

štvrtok, 21. augusta 2014

Travel diary part 3/3 -New York

And finally here comes the third, last and the largest part of my travel diary. I was discussing whether to split it into two parts due to its largeness, but I think all in one post is preferable. In case you missed here are the 1 PART and 2 PART. Please bare in mind together I had about 7 hours in New York, not a minute longer. Here is how I made most of it.

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